April fools

Inspired by the nature I decided to have an aprils fool this year.
In case you missed it, here is the backup.
I made use of the government provided material which is available at http://torrent-finder.com for reasons.

So for all in doubt, nothing was seized.


Sigh… picked the wrong day to work through the Malware Analyst's Cookbook. :-/.

Also, it would've been more effective if you would've just pointed DNS to the IP address that seized domains point to. Though I figure that that would've broken a few things…

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| 2011/04/02 07:32 | reply

Redirecting would have taken longer to setup due to dns propagation delay, and I'd be rather 'surprised' to get handed over to a government controlled seized page, in the end it would have broken git and, as mentioned already, your privacy.
Which is why I rolled my own, additionally I could use mod_rewrite to prevent 404 for pages like /foo/bar/baz.

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| 2011/04/02 12:49 | reply

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