xmpp backend

I just committed xmpp backend code.
The backend code can:

  • store files which get streamed to the xmpp service on disk
  • store events which get streamed in a postgres database

If you don't specify a database, it will ignore your laziness to setup a proper database, and go ahead storing files, if you don't specify a location where to store files, it will just create noise on the terminal.

The database schema is part of the commit, nothing really fancy, a basic port of the logsql schema to postgres with some candy, using enums for connection_types and connection_transport to save some bytes on the long run.
Unfortunately enums require postgres >= 8.3, but …

As I'm a great fan of postgresql_autodoc, here is a picture of the schema:

visualisation of the database schema
click for large version

Running sensors (anonymously) is free for all, running a backend requires elevated priviliges, if you want to run a backend, contact me.


Hello Markus, I am interested in running my own backend, any guidelines?

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| 2010/10/10 18:18 | reply


as there was nothing, I wrote something. Let me know if it works for you, I tested everything step by step on a debian stable.

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| 2010/10/13 13:32 | reply

Hi Markus,

I too run a kippo server, and like what you did with the stats. Would love to be able to add you as a sensor repo for your connection details to be able to meld with my own.

Can you let me know if this is something you publish (or are looking to make public)?

thanks, ghm.

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| 2011/09/18 18:25 | reply

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